Fairview Family Dental




Date Launched:  2015
Client:  Fairview Family Dental

Fairview Family Dental is a fantastic dental practice with amazing staff and doctors.  Their top-of-the-line equipment helps them provide the best in dental care.

Fairview Famliy Dental’s initial problem was with their outdated website that was not HIPAA compliant.  Our job was to take some existing content and combine it with new graphics and content in a user-friendly environment.  HIPAA compliance was a very important issue, as the client wanted to insure that protected health information was secured.  We integrated HIPAA compliant forms along with securing the entire website.  The client wanted the website to be very visual and show the friendly and high-tech nature of their offices.  Right away, Fairview Family Dental saw an increase in their website traffic, which also corresponded to an increase in new patients.  After a brief training session with the staff, they have successfully keep the website and blog updated.

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