Audio Production

Masters in Audio Production

In the studio or out, we have a passion for audio. Audio is not just music. It’s the whole experience. Our recording engineers offer years of experience backed by a true musical background. Trust in our audio production experience.

A video production’s experience is defined by the audio environment and mix.  A poorly mixed audio track will distract and confuse your audience.  A properly mixed and mastered audio track adds to the viewer’s experience drawing them in and adding the added emotion, drama, tension or feelings to the scene.  Audio post is not for the weak of heart- it’s best left to the professionals.

Microphone on mic stand and guitar. Shallow depth of field
Inspired Creativity

Prestine audio can make or break your project.  Whether you’re looking for an audio post or a full on-location recording, our experienced audio engineers will help you shape the perfect sound for your project.

Using today’s leading technology, amazing microphones, perfect microphone placement and executing the perfect mix, your project will be an audio masterpiece, not easily forgotten by your audience

Customized Solutions

Our audio services are definitely not one-size-fits-all.  With capabilities of doing on-location multi-track recordings, we tailor our production to fit your requirements.  From a simple 2 track to full 32 track recordings, we have the capabilities and experience.

Are you looking for studio recording, voice over sessions, or audio post for video?  No problem.  Our audio engineers can easily and successfully create your masterpiece.

Creative Capabilities
  • On-Location Recording
  • Studio Recordings
  • Audio Post for Video
  • Radio Commercials
  • Voice Over Production
  • Classical Music Recording
  • Sound Design
  • Live Event Sound Reinforcement
  • Audio Restoration and Noise Reduction
picture of a audio board: DM3200
Audio rig during a recording session
Cubase studio working on a Macbook

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