Video Production

4K Production Experts

At Mega Media Factory, we love production.  Period.  Utilizing top-notch equipment, paired with our extensive video production experience, we hold our projects to a very high standard.  Video production does not have to be complicated.  Let us take the pain out of your video creation and trust Mega Media Factory!  Staying on the leading edge of technology, 4k comes standard.  Aerials?  Yes, we have that too.  In-studio or on location?  Easy.

Our philosophy is to have fun with video production.  It shouldn’t be hard, scary, or stressful.  Let our video production experts guide your project to success.

Video camera
Inspired Creativity

Combining stunning visuals with clear call to actions provides for amazing results.  Our video production experts provide your project with the expertise that separates your video from the competition.

Whether it’s sit down interviews, cinematic supporting footage or stunning aerial videography, our production experts will inspire your audience.  Call us today to learn more about all of our creative services!

Customized Solutions

One size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to high quality video production. We customize our video production services to fit your requirements, both creative and budget.

Our creative experts will utilize industry unique creative approaches to properly tell your story to the world.

Creative Capabilities
  • Full 4K end-to-end production
  • FAA Licensed Drone Operations
  • 10 GbE Network, shared-editing environment
  • Complete Adobe Creative Cloud Studio
  • VR and 360 video production and post-production
  • Gimbal, Crane, Slider
  • On-site production and studio production
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Full lighting, support and accessory kits
Four 360 cameras
Video shoot set up with a green screen
Jamey stewart working a camera crane

Impressed? We’d love to work with you!