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Post-Production Workflow Specialists

Post-Production workflows are the heartbeat of any creative agency, production company, corporate video team, house of worship and more.  These workflows are vital to the success of any creative team and can easily make or break a project.

Mega Media Factory is an expert in Post-Production workflows and the hardware and software that supports it.  We know, because we’re not like any other company.  We’re users.  Our creative team uses these innovative workflows every day.

From online and nearline storage, to remote collaboration, and even direct to edit, our partners are trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world.  Save time and break the export/upload cycle CineXtools and Lucidlink

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Featured Solutions

Storage – Studio Network Solutions

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) creates software and shared media storage SAN/NAS solutions for TV, film, and video editing professionals.  With customizable solutions from 16TB up to 128TB and more, the EVO is the perfect solution fast, online and nearline storage.  Each EVO comes with free Sharebrowser software for media asset management.  Spinning disk, hybrid and SSD solutions available.  We love SNS so much that our creative team relies on our EVO.

Editing – CineXtools | Insert Video Editing without Rendering

CineXtools is a game changer for post-production workflows.  One of the biggest time hogs is the rendering and exporting of long projects.  Then you find out you need to make a revision to a render that took overnight!  Don’t worry- CineXtools allows you to make an edit to an already rendered video.  Don’t export the entire project, export only your change and use CineXtools to insert that change in minutes, not hours.

CineXtools is perfect for small and large creative teams for corporate video, media & entertainment, house of worship and much more.  Combine CineXtools with LucidLink and you have a powerhouse cloud workflow that is basically magic.  See how here!

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