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Video Production Equipment Experts

Production is the first element of any successful video.  From image acquisition with 4K cameras of many types, to grip gear, lighting, audio field production and more, the production phase of a creative project can require a lot of gear.

Mega Media Factory is an expert in  on-site and in-studio productions, and the hardware and software that supports it.  We know, because we’re not like any other company.  We’re users.  Our creative team uses these innovative products every day.

From cameras, tripods, audio gear, led lighting, floating point audio recorders and even robotic sliders, camera cranes and drones, trust in our experience to guide your video production team to success.

Featured Solutions

Cameras – Lumens

Lumens is an OEM manufacturer of PTZ, Box, and POV cameras and Document Cameras for House of Worship, K-12 Education, Higher-Ed, Corporate, E-Sports, Broadcast and more.  Featuring NDI/HX cameras with up to 4K sensors, Lumens cameras are built for simple installations in demanding environments.  Beyond cameras, Lumens manufactures accessories such as camera controllers, AV over IP solutions, media processors, and other unique products.  Trust in Lumens because of their 5Y warranty on all hardware.  We have had nothing but success with all Lumens products.

PTZ Optics Move 4K Camera

Cameras – PTZ Optics

PTZOptics offers a large line of PTZ and box cameras for the AV professional.   Perfect for House of Worship, K-12 Education, Higher Ed, Corporate, E-Sports and much more, the PTZOptics cameras are a great solution.  Featuring cameras up to 4K, 60p, with NDI, SRT and other streaming encoding, PTZOptics cameras are built for demanding applications.  Five-year warranty on all cameras.  We have had great success with this line.

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