Software Only Ingest


CD2 Software shares the same innovative features as Cinedeck Ingest Servers.

System Specifications

Supported capture cards and hardware equivalency.

User Interface

Easy to use and intuitive to set up. Cinedeck’s UI simplifies ingest workflows.

Knowledge Base

Cinedeck has all the information you need to install and start using CD2

Hardware Ingest Servers

Cinedeck ZX85

ZX85 Features
Access to RESTful API
Your choice of IP or baseband video I/O
up to 4K 60P record/play-thru or 2x 4K60P record. (note** codec support depends on ZX85 model)


Multichannel Expander: Additional record channels
JPEG2000: Multi-channel encode capability
H.264 Expander: Additional channels of H.264
XAVC/AVC Expander: HW encoder board for XAVC/AVC
Avid Interplay Workflow: Edit While Capture, Interplay Check-in and Multi-Res Workflow support.
IRIG-B Timecode & Master Timecode Output
Network card(s) 8Gb, 10Gb, 16Gb, or faster

Cinedeck LX

The LX is Cinedeck’s IP recorder supporting NDI, SRT and optionally IP-2110 inputs. It features a new user interface designed from the ground up to make multi-camera ingest as simple and user friendly as possible.


Full – featured RESTful API
Edit While Capture
Audio Mapping
Avid Media Central support
Character Overlay
Closed Captions Support
Playout while Record
Scheduling with conflict checking
Segment Record
Flexible Storage Option
Hi-res / Proxy Recording
Redundant Recording

Cinedeck RX2

Cinedeck 2.0 control app runs on any PC or Mac and can be used on a device separate from the Cinedeck server.

RX2 supports the full complement of Cinedeck standard codecs in every quality and wrapper combination: ProRes, XDCAM, DNxHD, AVC-lntra, DVCPRO HD, H.264, IMX( D10).

Wrapper Support: MOV, MP4, MXF OPATOM, MXF OP1A, AS11, AS02.

H.264 UHD and 4K recording up to 30P is also supported on RX2 with the addition of the optional GPU co-processing board.

Like its predecessor, each channel of the RX2 can be controlled independently. So you can record on one channel while playing back on the other with different framerates and codecs across the two channels.

RX2 has an available PCIe lane open for an optional 10GbE or 8Gb fiber network card for record or playback across your high bandwidth network. RX2 also has a hot-swappable SSD tray that can hold up to 2 standard 2.5” SSDs for additional record destinations.

  • Insert edit to video, audio, and captions
  • Supports Davinci Resolve
  • Supports Avid Media Composer
  • Supports Adobe Premiere
  • Instant update of metadata in MOV and MXF files

Video Insert Editing into Rendered File In the Cloud with CineXtools and Lucidlink

Multi-channel SRT and NDI ingest to edit-ready files using Cinedeck’s CD2

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