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Implementing a Digital Signage system, small or large, doesn’t have to be complicated, scary or expensive.  What it needs to be is beyond reliable, easily viewed and with a consistent informative, engaging and entertaining strategy.  Managing a digital signage network is simple with today’s cloud-based CMS solutions.

Partnering with the best-in-class hardware, BrightSign, Mega Media Factory specializes in simple, cost-effective and reliable hardware and cms solutions for your digital signage needs.  From a simple display, to a complete interactive touch-screen kiosk, you can trust our content production and digital signage experience.  Need a simple indoor display? How about a secure, reliable and bright outdoor display?  No problem.  We look forward to working with you.

Outdoor display of digital signage
Inspired Creativity

Digital Signage can be as simple as a single 32″ display mounted to a wall, or as complicated as a large-format LED video wall or even an outdoor billboard.  Having the perfect hardware and software solution that meets and exceeds your needs is imperative.

Digital signage must perform- no exceptions.  Using a digital display for a menu board is a fantastic idea, as long as you choose the right hardware that performs 24/7.  Not sure what you need?  No problem!  Our digital signage experts will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Customized Solutions

Building out your signage system starts with your hardware solution.  Choosing the perfect display to meet you viewing environment adds to your viewer experience.  If you intend to use your digital signage system for generating revue, you have to have an ultra-reliable system.

A digital signage system is nothing without content.  Managing that content is what makes an OK system into an exceptional experience.  Content can be easily managed from anywhere in the world with many of today’s leading content management solutions.

Creative Capabilities
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Secure, Reliable hardware
  • Small and Large Format
  • Interactive Touch Kiosks
  • Cloud-based CMS partners
  • Trusted BrightSign Hardware

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