Custom Enclosures

Mega Media Industrialized

Mega Media Industrial- a custom enclosure and design partner.  What started out as a simple request from a client for a weather and security enclosure for a custom LED display has turned into a full-blown manufacturing operation with 20ga fully-welded steel, powder-coated enclosures custom designed to fit your needs.

Made in the USA, our enclosures are manufactured by the best-in-class fabricators using raw goods made in the USA.  Custom designed enclosures are NEMA 4A rated, offering superior protection from the weather as well as safety and security.  Custom powder-coating in any color or even vinyl wrapping can make your enclosure stand out or blend in.

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Inspired Creativity

Our focus at Mega Media Industrial is custom made enclosures for digital signage and kiosks.  We design enclosures that can be for security, hard weather, or both.  From a simple enclosure to protect a BrightSign XD or XT player to custom designed outdoor kiosks, we can build your vision.

Many clients opt to install digital signage in public areas and need to protect their investments from thieves.  Even in situations where the display is protected, there often isn’t enough room to include and protect your media player.  Enter Mega Media Industrial- the custom enclosure experts!

Customized Solutions

Our flagship product, the ENC1210 is a custom weather and security enclosure for BrightSign XD or XT players to protect them from harsh outdoor conditions or keep your investment save in insecure and public locations.

The ENC1210 features 20ga fully-welded steel, NEMA 4A rating with four 1″ passthroughs for the included cord-grips and vents or even can be used with conduit.  Since BrightSign players have an extraordinary temperature rating, no active ventilation is necessary.  Pre-punched for the BrightSign XD or XT players, we can custom fabricate the mounting plate to fit any media player that fits inside of the enclosure.

Creative Capabilities
  • BrightSign XD or XT Series 3 or 4
  • 20ga Steel
  • Custom powder coating colors
  • Custom Vinyl Wraps
  • Nema 4A rating
  • Weather and Security
  • Included Vents and Cord Grips
Mega Media Factory custom enclosure
Mega Media Factory custom enclosure
Mega Media Factory custom enclosure

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